Looking at health from the hair, there are five changes that indicate a problem

Looking at a person’s physical health, we often judge from the hair, black and shiny hair is healthy hair. If your hair is dry, fragile, and oily, this is actually a health signal given by the body. Let’s take a look at how to look healthy through the hair.

Hair can also be used to determine health status

Chinese medicine believes that hair is “the rest of the blood, the kidney of the kidney”, and has a close relationship with the spleen and stomach, liver and kidney. Liver occult blood, liver blood is sufficient, hair can have sufficient blood supply; spleen is transported, responsible for transporting nutrients to the whole body, including hair; the essence of the kidney is the root of the human body, the growth of hair and the maintenance of health status closely related to the kidneys. Normal people’s hair is constantly undergoing metabolism, from growth to natural shedding, usually for 3 to 4 years. As long as the human body performs metabolic activities normally, the hair grows continuously to maintain the unique posture of human beings. However, hair growth and development are not carried out at the same speed, both hair growth, and hair loss. Under normal circumstances, hair growth is carried out under natural conditions, and hair loss is also carried out unconsciously. When viewed from the top of the table, there is no big change in the hair, but careful observation reveals that if the internal organs are ill, the hair loss will increase, or the distribution will be uneven and sparse. Therefore, it is valid to judge whether or not there is a disease from the color, brightness, flexibility, and the like of the hair.

  • 5 changes need to be aware
  1. Hair color change

It is normal for people to gradually whiten their hair after middle age, indicating that people are aging. If white hair occurs in adolescents, you should consider whether there are genetic factors, whether there is serious trauma or severe neurasthenia. Then you should pay attention to gastrointestinal diseases, tuberculosis, aplastic anemia and so on. The other extreme of color change is the sudden blackening of the hair, should pay attention to the body with or without potential cancer, especially malignant tumors like melanoma. read more

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Food can promote healthy hair growth

Many women believe that only the use of high-end hair care products and cosmetics can make hair become supple and beautiful, but in fact, beauty is only hidden in some details of life waiting for everyone to discover. Nothing is much happier than a healthy black hair. However, for many people, healthy hair growth is difficult to achieve. In fact, about 85% of men experience some degree of significant hair loss before the age of 35. According to the study, women are also affected by hair thinning and poor hair growth, and women actually account for 40% of all hair loss patients in the country. So what can we do? Do we have a natural way to promote hair growth? The answer is yes! The study found that there are several foods that can help your hair grow.

  • How can nutritious foods help hair growth?
  • Our bodies are filled with a lot of cells, and the growth of the body is due to the presence of cells! Therefore, the hair also contains many cells that promote hair growth and strength.
  • Hair cells are fast-growing cells in the body.
  • In order to support the growth of hair, we need to take a lot of nutrients from the food!
  • If the body doesn’t have enough nutrients, the hair cells will be greatly affected! Even found hair loss and thinning of the hair, which is caused by the lack of minerals and nutrients!
  • The scalp and hair cells need protein, vitamins, calcium, iron and other balanced nutrients from food to stay healthy!
  • Therefore, nutrients are an important part of hair growth! A rich diet rich in nutrients and minerals will allow your hair to grow quickly!
  1. Dark green vegetables

You may have been told to eat more vegetables from an early age, and you really should follow this advice. Leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale provide a healthy dose of iron, which is the mineral needed for healthy hair cells. Research has linked iron deficiency to hair loss for the simple reason that low iron is an indicator that oxygen and nutrients do not move to hair roots and hair follicles. This can prevent hair growth or make the hair grow very fragile.

Spinach is a high-iron, beta-carotene, folic acid and vitamin C that helps keep hair healthy and healthy with hair follicles and scalp oil circulation. Iron deficiency, called anemia, prevents cells from getting enough oxygen to work properly and can cause hair loss. read more

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Will the body be affected after hair removal?

The hair on the body is normal, some people will have more hair because of the more endocrine. Somebody diseases can also cause more hair when using drugs such as hormones. For some women who love beauty, this is very unacceptable, and someone will use some hair removal methods and products to remove hair. So what harm does hair removal cause to the body? Let’s talk about it today. In short, I think hair removal has the following effects:

  1. Depilation may cause skin irritation. The principle of hair removal is to destroy the hair follicle with a laser. People with sensitive skin will cause skin discomfort when using laser hair removal, causing skin sensitivity and other symptoms.
  2. Hair removal can easily lead to dry skin. After the hair follicles are destroyed, the skin on the body will begin to dehydrate and peel off, which is caused by dry skin.
  3. Hair removal is likely to leave a slight erythema on the skin due to burns. Laser light waves used for hair removal can burn the skin, and some skin-sensitive people will have redness after depilation.
  4. If the hair follicles are not completely destroyed during the process of hair removal, the pores of the body may be clogged after depilation.


The hazards of permanent depilation:

  1. Slight tingling

Permanent hair removal may cause the patient to feel a slight tingling, this is because the principle of permanent hair removal relies on the conversion of light into heat, relying on heat to damage the hair follicles, the nerve endings that feel pain happen to be distributed in the epidermis and hair follicles. Therefore, in general, you will feel a slight tingling sensation. read more

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