New wind system installation needs to be turned on 24 hours a day

Nowadays, many families install fresh air systems. At present, air pollution is increasing, and smog days are not increasing, which seriously jeopardizes our health. The fresh air system has become everyone’s choice, because it can provide fresh air, remove harmful gases indoors, and also protect against dust and dehumidification, effectively solve the harm caused by air pollution, so that we can breathe fresh air without going out. So, do we need to turn on the machine 24 hours a day when using the fresh air system?

The fresh air system transmission mode adopts a displacement type. Generally, it is installed in the bedroom, the living room or the living room window. The fresh air is introduced through the fresh air outlet, and the corresponding indoor pipeline is connected with the air outlets in several functional rooms. The circulatory system discharges indoor dirty air. Taking into account the energy conservation and reuse, the exhausted air will be recycled, and the recovery rate is more than 75% energy saving and environmental protection.

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