Looking at health from the hair, there are five changes that indicate a problem

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Looking at a person’s physical health, we often judge from the hair, black and shiny hair is healthy hair. If your hair is dry, fragile, and oily, this is actually a health signal given by the body. Let’s take a look at how to look healthy through the hair.

  • Hair can also be used to determine health status

Chinese medicine believes that hair is “the rest of the blood, the kidney of the kidney”, and has a close relationship with the spleen and stomach, liver and kidney. Liver occult blood, liver blood is sufficient, hair can have sufficient blood supply; spleen is transported, responsible for transporting nutrients to the whole body, including hair; the essence of the kidney is the root of the human body, the growth of hair and the maintenance of health status closely related to the kidneys. Normal people’s hair is constantly undergoing metabolism, from growth to natural shedding, usually for 3 to 4 years. As long as the human body performs metabolic activities normally, the hair grows continuously to maintain the unique posture of human beings. However, hair growth and development are not carried out at the same speed, both hair growth, and hair loss. Under normal circumstances, hair growth is carried out under natural conditions, and hair loss is also carried out unconsciously. When viewed from the top of the table, there is no big change in the hair, but careful observation reveals that if the internal organs are ill, the hair loss will increase, or the distribution will be uneven and sparse. Therefore, it is valid to judge whether or not there is a disease from the color, brightness, flexibility, and the like of the hair.

  • 5 changes need to be aware
  1. Hair color change

It is normal for people to gradually whiten their hair after middle age, indicating that people are aging. If white hair occurs in adolescents, you should consider whether there are genetic factors, whether there is serious trauma or severe neurasthenia. Then you should pay attention to gastrointestinal diseases, tuberculosis, aplastic anemia and so on. The other extreme of color change is the sudden blackening of the hair, should pay attention to the body with or without potential cancer, especially malignant tumors like melanoma.

  1. Hair properties change

Hair fragility is enhanced, dry, fragile, lack of luster, suggesting whether you have thyroid cancer, or suffering from cyanosis.

  1. Hair distribution change

Ancient medicine believes that hair thinning is a sign of kidney qi deficiency, sparseness due to seborrheic alopecia, or diabetes. Male forehead hair loss or hair loss on the head is caused by kidney qi deficiency; women are mostly sparse hair loss, suggesting kidney disease. Some hair loss suddenly occurs in a certain part, not painful or itching, falling off unconsciously, commonly known as “ghost shaving”, may be severe neurasthenia.

  1. More oil

This indicates the disease of the spleen and lungs. The temper is too much, and the function of lowering the lungs is not enough. The body oil floats up, causing the head to come out.

  1. Hair scarcity

Liver occult blood, liver blood is sufficient, hair can have sufficient blood supply; spleen is transported, responsible for transporting nutrients to the whole body, including hair; the essence of the kidney is the root of the human body, the growth of hair and the maintenance of health status closely related to the kidneys. Some children, born with natural yellow hair and soft, at the same time, walking, talking, standing, teeth development are slower than children of the same age, this situation is a lack of kidney. However, with the decline of liver and kidney qi, the hair slowly turns white, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. However, some teenagers have white hair in a short period of time, accompanied by bad temper and easy to get angry. It may be due to liver stagnation and blood stasis; if accompanied by lack of sleep, waist and knee weakness, tinnitus, it is a sign of kidney deficiency.

  • How to protect your hair?

  1. Eat more seaweed

The gloss of the hair is highly dependent on the action of thyroxine in the body. However, when a woman is 30 years old, her body’s ability to secrete thyroxine is reduced. The iodine in seaweed foods is extremely rich, and this element is the main raw material for the synthesis of thyroxine in the body. Therefore, eating seaweed foods often has special effects on hair growth, moisturization, and blackening.

Ensuring the intake of green vegetables & yellow fruits Lack of vitamins can also cause hair to be dull. For example, vitamin B has the effect of promoting hair growth and giving the hair a natural luster, and vitamin C can activate the microvascular wall so that the hair can smoothly absorb the nutrients in the blood. Therefore, eating more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, such as spinach, leeks, celery, mango, bananas, etc., can not only beautify the skin but also have a multiplier effect on the hair to restore health and shine.

  1. Often eat beans

Regular consumption of bean products such as tofu can not only increase the shine and elasticity of the hair but also prevent bifurcation or breakage. For women around the age of 30, eating more soy products and drinking more soy milk can not only promote the metabolism of brain nerve cells but also prevent the generation of white hair.

  1. Low-temperature shampoo

After perming, choose the shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair, but often ignore the water temperature. The shampoo is not the higher the temperature. Low-temperature shampoo is beneficial to the closure of hair scales. Therefore, women who love beauty should abandon the traditional way of shampooing. When the shampoo is started, the temperature is controlled to be slightly higher than the body temperature. The last time the water temperature is slightly lower than the body temperature.

  1. Strengthen nourishment

A lot of dry hair is not shiny, except for lack of water, it is lack of nutrition. In addition to using conditioners every time you wash your hair, once a week, deep nourishment of hair is a good way to enhance the shine of your hair. After shampooing, apply the essence from the hair root to the tail of the hair, and repeat it 3 times until the essence is absorbed. After one month of persistence, the dry state of the hair will be reduced and the gloss will naturally increase.


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