Should male bristles be shaved?

Hair removal hazard

Summer is here, and the mane is going to be the protagonist of this season.

Many people can’t accept girls to keep their hair. If any actress doesn’t want to show a little man, it’s just like the dew point.

However, what makes women feel indignant is: why boys can have a mane. In the summer, the male armpits of the subway and the bus that grabbed the hanging sticks showed dark black hair, which was quite disgusting.

Mane has two main functions


The human body hair can play a role in shielding and protecting the human skin from the surface parts of the body, so that it is not affected by foreign bacteria, dust, etc., and the “enemy” is outside the skin door.

Relieve friction

Another function of the bristles is that when the human body is active, the arm moves, and the armpits always have frictional force between the surrounding skin. If the friction is too long or too heavy, it is often rubbed in the middle thereof to relieve skin friction. The strength protects the skin of the armpits from scratches, so the role of the mane cannot be denied. Many women are often unplugged or shaved for aesthetic reasons, which is not good for the body. Because the axillary lymph is rich, the removal or shaving of the mane is likely to cause epidermal infection, causing hidden dangers. So the correct way is to trim with a round-headed scissors that is both aesthetically pleasing and does not scratch the skin.

The existence and distribution of hair on the human body are one of the ancestral features that human beings have evolved from monkey to humans. The surface of normal adult women should have hair growth except for the back of the palm, sole, finger and toe, lip line, nipple, medial labia, labia minora, clitoris, etc. Different.

Some little common sense about the mane

Whether the hair is removed, the thicker the hair

The answer is no if this is true, then there will be no people who are worried about baldness. In fact, the hair is more or less, it is thick and thin, it is black and light, and it is cut with you. It doesn’t matter if you shave it. These are determined by genes and hormones. Hair follicles that directly affect hair growth, which is hidden deep in the skin, are only shearing the surface and do not affect the hair follicles, so they do not affect the state of the hair. Some people will complain that the newly grown mane will become hard and it will hurt himself. In fact, this is also an illusion. Because it is a newly grown hair, it will not bend easily and directly stimulate the skin.

Whether scraping the hair will cause body odor

Let’s first understand the pathology of body odor: the secretion of sweat glands is that water and lipids are secreted into the wall by osmotic pressure, and their composition is similar to urine. The size of the intercellular space of the wall is a necessary condition for the formation of sweat components. The cell gap of the wall is usually less than 75 nm. Only small molecules such as water can be filtered freely. If it is larger than 75-100 nm, the lipid macromolecule can be infiltrated smoothly. The pipe wall is discharged. The apocrine glands of the deodorant patients are mutated, and the cell gap of the wall is usually greater than 75-100 nm, so that fatty acids, proteins and the like can be secreted and excreted. Therefore, it is caused by bacterial glycolysis on the surface of the skin to produce an odor of unsaturated fatty acids, which is the principle of the formation of odor.

Because scraping the bristles do not affect the gap between the cells in the wall, it does not cause body odor, but pay attention to it: if it is plucked, it will damage the integrity of the skin and weaken the skin’s resistance to disease. Cause bacterial infection, the apocrine gland will be mutated, the wall permeability is greater than 75 ~ 100nm, and lipids, protein substances can be excreted from the skin and epidermal bacteria, resulting in odor.

Scraping hair easily leads to breast cancer

This problem is probably the most worthy of concern for female friends. Online rumors say “no mane will block the elimination of toxins, so that toxins are stored in the lymph nodes, thereby increasing the risk of breast cancer.” First of all, it is difficult to find a suitable definition for “detoxification” in modern medicine. If carcinogens are considered “poisonous”, most of the toxins in our body are transported by the blood to the liver or the kidneys are clear. These “toxins” are either excreted in the feces via bile or excreted in the urine. And the mechanism by which lymph nodes clear “toxins” is not sweating, but immune-mediated, metabolites flow back through the lymph and eventually into the blood system.

And from the perspective of perspiration, this view is also unfounded. The sweat glands include both excretions of sweat glands and apocrine sweat glands. The sweat glands are excreted throughout the body and open directly on the surface of the skin. The perspiration function is independent of whether or not the hair is scraped. The top sweat glands are distributed in the underarms, genitals, areola, etc. The openings are connected with the hair follicles, and the secreted sweat is relatively viscous. This secretion will form a special body odor under the action of bacteria on the surface of the skin. Seriously, we mention The body odor is coming. Since scraping the bristles only shaves the hair on the part of the body surface and does not destroy the deep structure of the hair follicle, the secretion of the sweat glands in the top is also very limited.

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