What are the reasons for men not to be bearded?

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Some women will like men with chin long beards. They feel sexy and masculine. I don’t know if you have found out that not all men have long beards. Some men’s chins are smooth and have no beard, while others are on both sides. They are all overgrown with beards. Why is this? In fact, a man’s long beard is related to his body. Some men are not easy to grow a beard when they are weak. How can we solve this problem? Is there any other reason besides this question that would make a man not bear a beard?

On average, men and women are very different in appearance compared to males and females in other species, and at least some of this is related to men’s thick facial hair. When studying this difference between men and women, many people often blame it on sexual choices in the evolutionary process, that is, people prefer the personal characteristics that increase the chance of mating.

But what’s interesting is that women don’t seem to be interested in beards. Some studies have found that women like men to stay a little, even a big beard. But other studies have reported that women prefer men whose beards are clean. Because of the lack of consistency in these results, we can’t conclude that the beard was evolved because of the woman’s liking. Therefore, the researchers proposed another sexual selection tendency, which may explain this phenomenon. If you want to breed offspring, it is often not enough to be attractive. You have to compete with the same sex to get more mating opportunities. And this is supported by evidence.

Whether a man can grow a thick beard does not have an absolute relationship with the level of testosterone in his body. In addition, a large number of studies have shown that both men and women regard the beard as a symbol of maturity, strength, and aggression. Tall and burly men can often scare away their opponents and win more mating opportunities for themselves.

This is true both in modern society and in the history of mankind. A higher dominance can give males a simple and rude chance to win mating. Genetic evidence shows that about 8% of Asian men today are descendants of Genghis Khan and his family. In a study by Nigel Barber, he linked the British beard trimming fashion trend from 1842 to 1971 to the male-female ratio in the marriage market. The results show that every time a male-to-female competition is fierce, the beard becomes popular.

Generally, normal boys will have long beards on both sides of their cheeks as they grow up, but many adult boys don’t have long beards, and their chins are bare and have no pores, which makes them feel weak. In fact, this is caused by the lack of male hormones in men, who are generally weak.

Men after puberty generally have long beards. Beards grow faster than hair, which is the result of androgen action. The more vigorous the reproductive function, the faster the beard grows. The long beard has more blood vessels than the roots of the hair, and the nutrients are easy to get. Therefore, just after shaving the beard, it will grow again in a few days. The reason why some men do not have a beard is mostly due to too little androgen secretion. In addition, the following factors are also responsible for the absence of a beard:

  1. Congenital inheritance for this reason without a beard is not included in our scope of discussion, because this can’t be improved by hormone therapy, not daily care products can be solved.
  2. Excessive oil is also an important reason for not having a beard. Imagine the blackhead on your face and you can understand this principle without a beard.Too much oil is secreted, and the dirt remains to block the hair follicles. The pores are bigger and bigger, and the hair is gradually loosened inside, and it is easy to fall off. This kind of hair loss, hair is greasy all day, and often there will be dandruff.
  3. Excessive stress is not good, resulting in poor blood circulation, shrinking pores, and a partial death of the beard, causing men to have no beard

  • How to solve the problem that men do not have long beards?

Generally speaking, there are several ways to solve the problem that men do not have long beards.

  1. Eat more androgen food

Modern medicine believes that the male’s upper lip and the hair follicles of both jaws contain an androgen receptor, which is quite sensitive to the effects of androgens. Eating more foods containing androgen can also promote the secretion of its own androgen, such as beef, animal kidneys and so on.

  1. Beard transplant surgery

Beard transplant surgery is the most direct and effective way to grow a beard. The above three methods are to stimulate the hair follicles by means of internal and external stimulation of hair follicles. If there is no hair follicle by birth, then the stimulation is ineffective, and the beard transplant can be transplanted through the hair follicle, so that the beard has a healthy hair follicle so that the beard can grow quickly and is exactly the same as the naturally growing beard.

  1. Ginger rubbing beard

Ginger rubbing a beard is a folk recipe. The main principle is to use ginger to stimulate hair follicles. It is similar to minoxidil, but it is unstable.

In fact, the male does not have a long beard and said that if it is related to his own health problems, he should check it out. If there is a problem with the body, it will lead to a long beard. I personally think that it is better for a man not to leave a beard. There are a lot of bacteria in the beard. The cleanliness of the cleaning is always unclear. Especially the kind of stay that is very long, I feel particularly unclean, it will make people feel uncomfortable, so men who want to keep a beard must clean up their beards so that they will add extra points to their image and attract women’s attention.

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